Epilepsy Services

Sydney Paediatric Neurology

1. Clinical consultation – diagnosis and management of epilepsy

2. Standard/Routine OR Sleep Deprived Video-EEG (used in the evaluation of seizures)

3. In-patient Video-EEG service: for patients with events not captured on routine EEG, nocturnal events (eg. jerking/twitching) or for obtaining a sleep EEG recording as a diagnostic study.

  • Requires a doctor’s referral stating the reason for the study and other supporting information.
  • Referrals will be triaged to determine suitability of patient. Patients will need to be over 2 years old. Patients with drug resistant epilepsy/poorly controlled epilepsy are not evaluated here and should be evaluated at a tertiary children’s hospital.
  • The EEG referral form is available here. Please tick the box “overnight video EEG and clinical review’ (doctor to complete). Forms can be faxed to 02 9184 3364 or email to reception.drpillai@gmail.com
  • Parents will have to complete the Overnight Video EEG Checklist form. Please email your request to reception.drpillai@gmail.com to obtain the checklist.
  • The service is ONLY accessible to patients with private health insurance as it is performed at the Norwest Private Hospital.
  • Once t he Overnight Video EEG date has been scheduled, Norwest Hospital e-admission form needs to be completed (EEG Forms)
  • The fee for the Overnight Video EEG and Clinical review will be covered by the private health funds (if applicable) with a modest known gap fee (non claimable). This will be charged separately to the patient to cover the cost of technical assistance, consumables and maintenance not covered by t he hospital. Patients will need to consider their individual excess arrangements with private health funds before confirming their appointment for the overnight study.
  • An interim video EEG result is provided the following day while the final report will be faxed to your doctor within 7-10 working days.